Not a Good Day For Racing

One Formula 1 team folds. Another is crowd-sourcing a one-off entry just to keep their dim hopes of survival alive. Meanwhile, up the continent from where Formula 1 is racing this weekend, a former NASCAR Cup Series champion now faces some of the most damning charges of domestic violence ever levied against an active competitor.

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F1 2014 Goes Dry: It’s Not That Big a Deal

Codemasters’ F1 2014 is coming out on October 17th. And fans are angry. And they’re angry because…the version shown in the trailer looks like just a 2014 season update for F1 2013? They may have cut back features such as Classic Content? The next-gen version of the game isn’t coming out until early 2015?

No, no, and no. Take a look at these in-game screenshots of the Williams Martini Racing FW36.

Notice anything missing? Like the logos of their primary sponsor Martini? Or even the small bits of red running down the Martini “stripes” on the rear wing and engine cover?

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