Commentating the Fuji 500km

With the absence of any English language coverage to start the 2016 Super GT season, I decided to do something about it – and did an entire solo commentary of the entire 2016 Fuji 500km, held May 4th at Fuji Speedway.

This race has a bit of everything – including several landmark milestone achievements, a fair dose of drama and atrition, fantastic racing action throughout, and an incredible finish featuring some of the world’s best racing drivers.

There was even a fantastic report of the race written by Pierre Laurent-Ribault for – with some incredible, up-close photos of the brilliant machines.

The early feedback to this commentary has been overwhelming, and I’m admit I’m taken aback by some of the positive comments, not just from avid fans of Super GT racing, but also from people who aren’t familiar with the series at all, and even one dear friend of mine who isn’t even in to racing.

Already I am receiving requests to do future rounds, and add secondary commentators – I can’t give a solid commitment to it just yet, but it is something that I am strongly considering.

And if the powers that be are willing, I would be honored to lend my abilities to an official broadcast team at any point in the near future.

A special thanks goes out to the community at Racing4Everyone for putting my commentary to pictures and giving me a platform to showcase my strengths as an announcer. Thanks also to the Super GT Reddit community for their support, to RaceDepartment who have been gracious enough to allow me to serve as a commentator for top-level online racing leagues.

Please enjoy the race.



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