Marciello at Trident Makes Sense


In a year where perennial GP2 Series powerhouse DAMS abandoned the model of going for experienced drivers and instead picked up young starsĀ Pierre Gasly and Alex Lynn of the Red Bull Junior Team, and Stoffel Vandoorne, last year’s vice-champion, will stay at ART Grand Prix where he nearly became the first rookie champion of the series in a half-decade the last time out, it made sense for Raffaele Marciello, the top prospect of the Ferrari Driver Academy, to stay for a second season at Spanish squad Racing Engineering, a team that has won two GP2 Series Drivers’ Championships in ten seasons, the team for which Marciello won the feature race at Spa-Francorchamps and qualified in the top ten for all eleven feature races – the only driver in the field to do so. Hell, it was already confirmed by Sky Sports on the day Marciello was announced as Sauber’s test driver!

And that’s just what went down when the 20-year-old Marciello was announced as the newest driver at the Italian Trident Racing team – wait…what!? Continue reading “Marciello at Trident Makes Sense”